Reasons For Different Credit Scores

There are three major credit reporting bureaus in Australia – Equifax (previously Veda), Illion (previously Dun & Bradstreet) and Experian – all have different credit scores for individuals.

Credit scores can sometimes be a little confusing for would-be borrowers, particularly because they can vary depending on which organisation is providing them.

Whilst each credit bureau collects roughly the same type of information – everything from previous applications for finance and important information like defaults and bankruptcies – the way they interpret this data will vary.

Each bureau has their own way in which they collate and rank data to ultimately come up with a ‘score’, which is their representation of how creditworthy a person might be.

Sources & Timeframes

Historically financial institutions have not had to report customer enquiries to all credit reporting bureaus – so while one bureau may have known about a particular transaction, others may have no knowledge of it – and even when it was shared, timings and delays could be substantially different.

Algorithms & Interpretation

Even with the same data, each credit reporting bureau have their own proprietary algorithms which calculates different weighting to different financial actions and information, based on what their analysis tools consider to be high or low risk.

Score Ranges

As well as potentially different data, and interpretations, the CRBs also set scores within different ranges representing different risk ratings, and are therefore not directly comparable.

Are different credit scores an issue?

The difference in scores is not something to be concerned about, and they should generally fall into a similar band.

If they do not, then there may be something adverse going on – such as a default you are unaware of, or it could just be that you haven’t been active in finance for long (this is usually the case if you are under 25, or new to Australia).

So is WisrCredit  providing a credit score?

No. WisrCredit is a free service that looks to provide you with your credit scores from two major credit reporting bureaus in Australia (Equifax and Experian). These individual credit scores provide an indication of your overall financial credit health, to keep you well informed about your creditworthiness.


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