published September 03, 2020
ByAudrey N
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Wise Up On Debt With She’s on the Money

We’re very excited to partner with Victoria Devine, founder and host of She’s On The Money to help empower you to tackle your debt once and for all. Victoria is an award-winning financial adviser who shares our mission of financial wellness, and we’re so stoked to be working together. If you’re not yet part of the She’s on the Money community, you can follow their Instagram or join the private Facebook group here.

Check out the links below to get on top of your debt with us!


Webinar 💻

Our in-house Media & Communications Manager, Anna Denby, joined Victoria in a virtual chat all about budgeting, debt and self-care. We also popped in a demo of Wisr App, our handy app that lets you round-up your digital spare change to help pay down your debt faster. Who knew discussing money could be this fun? 


Podcast 🎧

If the word budgeting makes you feel blergh then this sweet friend is the episode for you. Victoria is discussing why managing your budget and cash flow is essential to attaining financial freedom and she also talks through the practicalities of how you can utilise these systems to help get out or avoid getting into unwanted debt. It’s a cracker of a show packed to the gills with the good bits (including peanut butter and pancake chats) and we implore you to press play pronto.

Money Diaries 📓 

Ever wonder what other people’s money situations are like? Victoria chatted to a Wisr personal loan customer all about her experience with debt consolidation. 35-year old Anna was struggling to make ends meet in an expensive city like Sydney and found herself with an uncomfortable amount of credit card debt. Can anyone relate? Find out how she consolidated her debts and used Wisr App to get back on track.


We hope you enjoy and learn a few things!

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