published May 18, 2020
ByWisr Support
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Our Top Tips For Managing Your Wisr Personal Loan


Congrats, you officially have a Wisr personal loan! We’re stoked for you.

First things first, here are five tips for managing your loan like a boss.


1. Settle in with your settled loan.

It can be exciting and a big relief when your loan is approved and settled, but remember this is the start, not the finish. There’s going to be a new direct debit you’ll need to manage, so make sure you plan around it so it doesn’t come as a shock. It may be a good idea to think about how the timing fits with your pay-cycle and any other financial commitments, plus any changes you might need to make to your daily expenses.


2. Keep an eye on your debt.

We built Wisr App to help you pay down your personal loan faster by rounding up your daily purchases – and it’s totally free to use for Wisr customers. Download it on iOS on Android now to connect your Wisr personal loan (or debt of your choice). 


3. Be responsible with your spending.

A personal loan can sometimes feel like a bit of a windfall, but it's important to spend it on the purpose of the loan. If you're going to be drawing from it over a period of time (maybe you’re renovating) or won’t be purchasing immediately (finding the perfect car or boat) it can be helpful to keep the money separate to your everyday bank account. Out of sight, out of mind.


4. Make your repayments on time.

Not only will making your repayments on time help keep your credit score in good shape, but it will also reduce stress and help you feel in control of your finances. You got this. 


5. Stay on top of your credit score.

Check your credit scores right here on WisrCredit if you haven’t already. It’s a smart move to make sure you meet your repayments and keep your scores moving in the right direction.



Now let’s cover any questions you might have about your personal loan.



How do I view my loan details?

The easiest way to view your details is to login via the Wisr Personal Loan Portal.


To view the details of your personal loan:

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2: Login with your email address and password we've emailed you after the settlement of your loan.

Step 3: Your loan details will appear as soon as you login.

Step 4: If you need to change your personal details you can make a request by selecting ‘Change Personal Details’ in the menu.

What can I do on the Wisr Customer Portal? 

The Wisr Customer Portal is a place where you can securely access your loan information. 

Here’s what it allows you to do:

  • View your loan details

  • Request to change your personal details

  • Request a copy of your transaction statement to be emailed to you

  • Request to change your repayment date or frequency (e.g. from monthly to fortnightly or weekly)

  • Check your loan balance

  • Change Password


You’ll need to contact us in the event you need to request for a payout figure for your loan.


What if I forgot my password for the Wisr Customer Portal? 
You can also login via SMS. Simply enter your email address and select ‘Get SMS Code’. This will be sent to the mobile number you provided us when you applied for the loan.


If you are still having issues please contact us via and we’ll help you sort it out.


How do I access important forms?

Your Wisr Loan Contract, Personal Reference Form and Direct Debit Authority Form were all sent to you via email at time of settlement. If you need another copy, please email the request to us at


Will you remind me about upcoming repayments? 

We will remind you about your repayments via SMS 5 days before your next regular repayment. Note, these messages are operational and for your benefit, so we advise you do not unsubscribe.


What happens if I miss a repayment?

If a direct debit dishonours, we charge a $2.75 dishonour fee and a $25 late payment fee to cover the cost that the banks charge us and the operational task for us to manage this.

If you happened to have made a last-minute repayment please contact us immediately and let us know, the last thing we want is for you to accidentally miss a repayment.


Missing your repayments could negatively affect your credit score. Make sure to create a WisrCredit profile to get notified if your scores change.


What do I do if I’m experiencing financial hardship? 

We recommend reaching out as soon as you suspect that you will have trouble meeting an upcoming repayment.


Can I connect my personal loan to Wisr App? 

You sure can! Wisr App was created to help you pay down your Wisr personal loan faster. Simply select ‘Wisr Personal Loan’ from the debt options and enter your Loan ID (or Application Number). The best part is that the app is completely fee-free for the life of your loan. 

How do I get in touch if I need help? 

If you’re struggling to make your repayments or had a change in personal circumstances, please reach out to us right away so we can help you find a solution. Please email us at or give us a call on 1300 992 007. 


Can I change my payment frequency?

Absolutely, if there is a different repayment date you would prefer to have direct debit payments (such as just after you receive your pay), or you would like to change repayments from monthly to fortnightly or weekly repayments, you can send us a request through the Customer Portal. If you haven’t yet used the Customer Portal, it’s a great time to do so. Alternatively, you could call us on 1300 992 007 or drop us an email at for further assistance.


Can I change my bank account?

You sure can, we’ll need a completed and signed Direct debit request form (download form here) and for security purposes we’ll also require a copy of a Bank Statement showing your name and new account details. You can email this information to us at


Can I get someone to contact Wisr on my behalf?

Providing authority for someone to act on your behalf is a very important decision, as they’ll have the ability to request for information or potentially change details on your behalf.  If you would like to set up this authority, please send us an email to from the email registered with us from the time you applied for the Loan, providing the following information:


  • Full Name of the person being provided the Authority

  • Date Of Birth

  • Residential Address

  • Relationship to you

  • Home Phone Number (if applicable)

  • Work Phone Number (if applicable)

  • Mobile Number (if applicable)


And finally! If you took out a loan for something fun like a new car or wedding – don’t hesitate to send us photos! We’d love to see how you’re using it.


DISCLAIMER: This article contains general information only, and is not general advice or personal advice. Wisr Services Pty Ltd does not recommend any product or service discussed in this article. You must get your own financial, taxation, or legal advice, and understand any risks before considering whether a product or service discussed in this article may be appropriate for you. We have taken reasonable efforts to ensure that the information is accurate at the time of publishing, but the information is subject to change. We may not update the article to reflect any change.
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