published June 23, 2020
ByJessie N.
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How Wisr App Is Taking On Australia’s Debt

Ever wish you could make your debt disappear? It can add up quickly and unexpectedly, which means you’re not always prepared to get rid of it. 

Automating debt payments is a great way to make technology work in your favour since it can be difficult to set limits for ourselves – especially when it comes to spending. Wisr App is the first app in Australia that automatically rounds up your daily purchases to help pay your debt down faster, and it’s on track to pay down $1 million of debt nation-wide. Game-changer.


How does it work?

Wisr App works by connecting your bank accounts and rounding up your daily transactions to the nearest dollar. The total round-ups are withdrawn from your bank account almost weekly, and after the end of each month are put towards the debt of your choice. It’s kinda like rounding up your spare change into a digital piggy bank.   

The goals you set are completely customisable to your financial needs, and you choose what kind of debt you want to pay down (whether it’s a credit card, BPAY account or Wisr personal loan). You set a goal and the timeframe you want to achieve it in so you can start tracking your progress in real-time. Technology is pretty great, isn’t it?


A week in the life.

Let’s look at an example of some average spending scenarios over a full week and see how much we can round up.

Goal: $200

Timeframe: 3 months



It’s Monday. You woke up with a bit of the Monday blues and decided to splurge on brekkie. That smashed avocado toast and flat white was just what you needed today. Heading into work, you decide a second coffee is needed from your go-to cafe around the corner from your office. When 5 o’clock hits, you pass by the supermarket to pick up a few groceries for dinner on the way home.

Brekkie: $17.25 = $0.75

Coffee: $3.30 = $0.70

Lunch: $12.75 = $0.25

Groceries: $15.15 = $0.85


Monday total round-ups: $2.55



Taking the bus to work this morning, you pick up your morning cappuccino on the way. Later, your colleagues invite you out for a team lunch at your favourite Thai place across the road to satisfy your Pad Thai craving. On the way home, you grab a couple things from the newsagent before taking the bus back home. 

Bus fare: $2.24 = $0.76

Coffee: $3.30 = $0.70

Lunch: $12.27 = $0.73

Newsagent: $6.20 = $0.80

Bus fare: $2.24 = $0.76


Tuesday total round-ups: $3.75



While driving to the gym this morning, you notice your tank is nearly running dry. Stopping at a petrol station, you decide to fill up the tank for the week. As you’re walking out of the petrol station, feeling peckish, you decide to turn back and stock up on some mid-week snacks. Dropping the car off at home, you take the bus into work today. 

Mid-week snacks: $7.70 = $0.30

Bus fare: $2.24 = $0.76

Coffee: $3.30 = $0.70

Lunch: $12.75 = $0.25

Bus fare: $2.24 = $0.76


Wednesday total round-ups: $3.44



During your lunch break, you drop by the chemist to grab a few necessities like shampoo, gum and dish soap. Later that night, you see a good deal online for those sneakers you've been eyeing, so you decide to finally put in an order. You notice your fridge is empty and treat yourself with some takeaway. 

Bus fare: $2.24 = $0.76

Lunch: $10.20 = $0.80

Chemist: $9.45 = $0.55

Bus fare: $2.24 = $0.76

Sneakers: $105.20 = $0.80

Takeaway: $18.55 = $0.45


Thursday total round-ups: $4.12



Did someone say Friday?! You’re so glad to see the end of the work week and grab a couple of drinks with your colleagues. Whilst on the hunt for a good happy hour in the city, you take an Uber to meet up with some mates who are out playing pool. Stopping for a Kebab to wrap up the night is just what you needed.

Friday drinks: $24.26 = $0.74

Uber: $6.20 = $0.80

Transfer to a mate: $1.20 = $0.80

Kebab: $8.40 = $0.60

Uber home: $23.15 = $0.85


Friday total round-ups: $3.79



It’s Saturday morning and you wake up to a text from your bestie saying she’s booked you both in for an afternoon yoga session. You indulge in a smoothie after yoga to give yourself an energy boost. The afternoon hits and you decide to hit the markets to look for a new pair of sunnies. You end up snagging a pair and indulging in some Gozleme.

Bus to yoga: $3.12 = $0.88

Yoga session: $14.95 = $0.05

Smoothie: $6.20 = $0.80

Sunglasses: $14.20 = $0.80

Gozleme: $11.50 = $0.50


Saturday total round-ups: $3.03



It’s Sunday brunch day with the girls who have picked out a new cafe in Double Bay to try. You decide to get the Ferry there. Later in the day, you do a big grocery run to stock up and meal prep for the week. After a good workout in the afternoon at the gym, you grab a protein bar for some extra energy. 

Ferry to brunch: $6.12 = $0.88

Brunch: $26.23 =  $0.77

Groceries: $8.20 = $0.80

Protein bar: $3.50 = $0.50


Sunday total round-ups: $2.95


Total round-ups for the week: $23.63

Total round-ups for the month (excluding $1.25 monthly fee): $94.52


BOOM. Assuming you spend the same amount each week, in three months this will amount to $283.56 to pay down your debt! You killed it and didn’t have to change a thing. It’s amazing how a few cents here and there can really add up over time. Wisr App is available on iOS and Android, so give it a go if you want to watch your debt disappear. 


DISCLAIMER: This article contains general information only, and is not general advice or personal advice. Wisr Services Pty Ltd does not recommend any product or service discussed in this article. You must get your own financial, taxation, or legal advice, and understand any risks before considering whether a product or service discussed in this article may be appropriate for you. We have taken reasonable efforts to ensure that the information is accurate at the time of publishing, but the information is subject to change. We may not update the article to reflect any change.
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