published January 22, 2020
ByAudrey N
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Case Study: Meet Rebecca – Struggling With Credit Card Debt

We’re on a mission to help Aussies pay down their debt faster. Wisr App is the first app in Australia that lets you connect almost any type of debt account and pay it down faster by rounding up your daily transactions.  So if you buy a coffee for $3.50 *BOOM* that’s $.50 towards your debt. It adds up quick.


Meet Rebecca

Age:  32

City:  Brisbane


Like millions of Aussies around the country, Rebecca was struggling with her credit card debt. Because she was only making minimum payments, her debt was building and she was starting to feel overwhelmed. 

“It was difficult for my partner and I to keep on top of our credit card debt. We tried to only put the bare minimum on our credit card, but we would make excuses or would need to pay for something and the interest started to climb.”

Debt Strategy

Bec looked to technology as a strategy to tackle her debt. Having seen Wisr App in her social media feed, she decided to give it a go. 

“I saw the Wisr App and thought it was really clever because it’s the same as loose change, you don’t really notice the round up amount while it’s working away in the background.”

It was also perfect timing with Christmas coming up since Bec was stressed about shopping for her three young children and affording her usual expenses. 

Bec’s plan to use Wisr App to put an extra $20, $30, $40 or $50 each month toward her credit card would not only get interest down but help her and her partner make real inroads. 

“It has also stopped the excuses because we haven’t even noticed the money going out. When I looked at the dashboard to see how we’re going, I was really surprised to see how much is going towards our credit card debt!”

Bec has gone from being overwhelmed and stressed to feeling in control and knowing that she’s making positive steps to improve her financial situation. The app is helping her and her partner stay motivated by tackling her debt consistently over time.

Life Using Wisr App

“I don’t like maths, it’s something that makes me blank out as soon as numbers are thrown at me or I’m having to follow an excel spreadsheet. Wisr App makes understanding your financial situation easy and doesn’t make you feel hopeless.”

Bec follows the Barefoot Investor and has found his tips digestible and inspiring. Once her credit card debt is paid off, she plans to continue using the app to save money. Bec knows that you can’t always predict the future, so when the unexpected happens, she won’t need to get another credit card or increase the limit because she will have enough savings.

*Case study name and image may have been changed to protect the privacy of individual.

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