published January 03, 2020
ByAudrey N
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Case Study: Meet Josh – Tackling Two Credit Cards

We’re on a mission to help Aussies pay down their debt faster. Wisr App is the first app in Australia that lets you connect almost any type of debt account and pay it down faster by rounding up your daily transactions.  So if you buy a coffee for $3.50 *BOOM* that’s $.50 towards your debt. It adds up quick.

Today we’re talking to Josh*, a 25-year-old professional dancer who used Wisr App to pay down two credit cards.

"It was so hard trying to keep on top of my credit card debt without it causing more stress. Every time my pay would come in, I’d have to try and work out what was going where and how much."

Sometimes I would pay too much and then I’d struggle for the next few weeks with the money that I had left. And as a professional dancer, this was not helping my career, especially when you are paying for costumes, travel (domestic and overseas), lessons etc. plus everyday life expenses. 

In fact, my debt was so overwhelming that I was having to contemplate whether or not I could afford to continue what I trained for my entire life, I was very anxious at times.

I knew I needed help in managing my money, I just didn’t know where to turn to, it’s not like they teach you this in school. This was my first time to try a tool like this.

Wisr App not only helps pay off my allocated credit card debt but it started to help me keep track of my spending habits and now I’m a lot more conscious about how I spend and why I spend. 

It’s been 6 months but I’m almost at my target and then I’ll keep the app payments going to that same credit card, because I use it to pay the bills but this time it won’t be unmanageable. 

I’m also thinking about allocating a savings account - something I never thought I would be able to do!

*Name has been changed for privacy.

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